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Testimonials: Testimonials
White Candles with Plant Decor

I really love the assorted fragrances especially the seasonal ones.  They smell great and I enjoy them for the holidays

Jason Frederick

OMG, I got one of these candles (Eucalyptus) as a gift from a friend of mine and it was incredible.  The smell was so soothing and I felt like I was at a spa.  I will definitely buy again!

Angela Taveras

I've tried several candles with different scents and I was pleasantly surprised that all of them small so good! My favorite is apple butter pie. I always light it up before I have company. It tricks them as if I baked. Lol

Bendu W.

I purchased a few candles during COVID and was expecting some lengthy delays.  The customer service was great and assured me that the delays wouldn't be significant, if any at all.  I received them in TWO DAYS with awesome scents.  I will absolutely buy more.

Sandy White

The scents are so smooth and the assortment of jars offered is great.  Not only did I buy 3 for myself, but I bought more for gifts during the holiday.  Great service also.

Jennifer Larson

I was pleasantly surprised by the Sweet Potato and Christmas Thyme scent.  I felt like I was cooking Thanksgiving dinner with the Sweet Potato scent and the color looks great.  Christmas Thyme made me feel as if I was by the Christmas Tree.  My favorites so far.

Jackie Long

I love how these candles burn.  I had purchased the 4.5 oz gift set for my bathrooms and a 16 oz for my kitchen and they were great.  I have recommended these candles to my family and friends.

Erika Jones

I met these folks at an event and they were nothing but friendly.  Great customer service and had tons of knowledge about the products and scents.  Soy wax is my favorite too and the smells were out of this world

Roger Daniels

I burnt the white tea candle and WOW.  I fell in love.  I grabbed a glass of wine and loved every minute of this smell.  Fabulous!!

Jessie Brown

They had the biggest lantern candle I have ever seen!!!  Loved the customer service and the way the candles burn.

Ashley Rothman

If I had to pick my favorite fragrance it would be the black raspberry.  It had a smooth fruity smell and filled my house with that scent so quickly.  I will be a repeat customer.

Sharon Maranda

You HAVE to try the sweet kisses candle.  It came in this great heart shaped jar and my husband bought it for Valentine's Day.  Pleasant surprise of a smell and would recommend this to anyone.

Kris Michaels

I bought a few of the holiday candles for presents and my family loved them.  My mom fell asleep with the gingerbread candle going and woke up hungry lol. Kept the house smelling for the rest of the night.

Mike R.

All I can say about the Eucalyptus and White Tea candles is excellent.  I will continue to buy these candles and they smell oh so good.

Carol Pine

Sandalwood!!!! You have to smell it.  Manly scent

Jackson Charles

I have purchased over 20 candles and they are all great.  The smells are unique and the candles last long.  I use these as gifts and just to light the mood.

Iris O.

Just received my candles and I can honestly say the quality and scents are the best I have ever had!  The packaging was way above expectations and the shipping time was quick.  I ordered black raspberry, cucumber melon and pop champagne.  Will definitely be buying more.  This is the only company I will purchase candles from

Marie P.

My sister gifted me my first candle from here and since then I have been exclusively buying here.  My favorite is Christmas Thyme and it's available all year round

Luz Ortega

Love these candles!!!

Pat Mason

Shipping was slightly delayed but when I received the candles, they were well worth it.  Burn well and smell good.  I give them an A grade

Susan Mooney

Beautiful candles that burn well.  I will be a repeat customer

Melissa Cuevas

Wonderful fragrances especially Marco! Such a nice friendly and happy family

Victoria Decker

I LOVE my candles!  I burn Mother Earth constantly and just busted out the Christmas Thyme last weekend.  They smell amazing!

Alison S.

I purchased the Harvest Fruit and I loved it.  I am looking forward to the Thanksgiving scents

Julia Binns

These candles are beautiful and made with such love and care. The new winter candy apple is my favorite. This is such a beautiful family business.

Jennifer M.

I bought the sweet kisses heart jar for my girl and she loved it.  Super happy with the purchase

Christian C.

I bought 2 candles last year and I loved them.  I just bought 2 candles again this year for the holidays.  I look forward to these around the holidays!!


All of these smells are great.  I couldn't choose what candle to pick and went with the Christmas Thyme and Gingerbread.  Loved my choices!

Courtney Ashford

These candles burn great.  Nice smooth burn and you can absolutely smell the scent when burning them.  I will definitely be buying more

Jacqueline Rivera

I bought candles from this company during a craft market.  Such great customer service and knowledgable about the products.  I will def. buy more from them

Shakira Blackstone

I bought the Marco and it was fantastic.  I really enjoyed that this was named after their son.  so fun!

Jessie Brown

I was fascinated when I smelt the tobacco vanilla candle.  I use this in my man cave and get a lot of compliments when I burn it

Jackson Slater

I love the amber jar and new labels.  They are so fun and these scents smell just like the name of each candle.  I love love love them

Mackenzie R.

Dom Of Grace gladly made a unique candle for my son with his favorite football team logo. It was done gracefully and so quick. My son loved it and that made it even better. They now have a forever fan favorite with me and my boy

Jennifer Marshall

I bought the sweet kisses candle for my girl on Valentines day and she loved it.  Smelt so good and brightened up the room

Chris C.

The marco set and sweet kisses heart jar were amazing for valentines day.  Both my wife and I loved how fast they got to us and how they smelt.  I will definitely buy more

Andrew Davis

These candles are made with care and were shipped very quickly.  Basil & Neroli is one of my favorites

Sandra W.

Tobacco vanilla smells great in my man cave!!

Casey Johnson

I have yet to find a scent that I do not like.  These candles are great and look elegant.

Ashley Rosa

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